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I Have Questions About Painting My House. Who Can Answer Them?

Ready to update your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint? Before you dive in, find out what you need to know with these convenient home painting tips.

Home Painting Tips Painting your house isn’t a one and done type deal. Your house will require regular maintenance to keep the paint looking fresh and your home looking beautiful. With these Home Painting TIps, you’ll learn how to take care of your home’s exterior paint. If you’ve ever wondered how to select the right … Continued

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Hiring a Painter Soon? Here’s What You Need to Know

Take the hard work out of hiring a painter. Discover what you need to know before signing the contract. Give Bay Country a call to get started today!

Hiring a Painter Ready to hire a painter? Not so fast! Doing a little prep work before selecting your painter will help make sure you’re happy with the results. Check out these considerations for hiring a painter successfully. Costs and Deadlines Always ask for an estimate up front. This will give you a good idea … Continued

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