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How to Spot a Professional House Painter

Find out what makes a professional house painter different from the rest and how to hire one for your upcoming project in this blog post.Professional House Painter

Choosing the right house painter is hard work! The company you choose to work with can make or break the results of the finished project. But how can you tell a professional painter from a less than professional one? We’re glad you asked. In this article, you’ll discover how to identify a reputable, professional house painter.

Know What You Need

There is as much variation in painting projects as there are surfaces, houses, and types of paint. Understanding what you’re looking for from your painting project will help you communicate that to you painter and receive the final result you’re looking for. Think through the current state of your interior or exterior paint job, how much preparation may be needed, and the final look you’re after.

Do Due Diligence

Always ask contractors for references and examples of past projects. Be sure to follow up with these references and ask about their experiences. While it takes a little extra legwork, it’s a key step for finding the right painter for your project!

Next, inquire about membership in trade organizations, business groups, the Better Business Bureau, and the like. You want a professional house painter who is proud of his or her profession and one who stays up-to-date on techniques. By that same token, make sure the contractors have the appropriate licenses, credentials, and insurance.

Put It In Writing

As you narrow down your list of contractors, get an estimate from each one. Look for information regarding materials, labor, and preparation. Once you decide on your painting company, get a contract. This contract should have contact and license information as well as the project and fees. Finally, always get a copy of any insurance certificates to protect yourself and your home. Professional house painters will be happy to share this information with you.

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