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Do you need help with closet shelf design in Maryland?

If you’re like homeowners in cities like Baltimore, Owings Mills, Towson, and other places in the Maryland/DC area, then you want to make sure your home is as organized as possible.

But that can be hard to do when you stack your things in your closet because you don’t have a system that lets you organize things the way you want to.

But don’t worry, because there’s a solution out there.

Keep reading to learn about closet shelf design in Maryland and how it can help you reign in your possessions.


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Getting the Right Closet Organization

Because the closets throughout your home are used for a number of different things, you need shelving designs that can easily accommodate those needs.

Let’s take a look at some common uses for closet space so that you can get an idea of what you might need to organize your home.

  • Temporary Storage – This could be things like seasonal clothing and accessories, if you’re talking about clothes.

    It could also apply to items used in the bathroom or kitchen that you will need quick and easy access to.

    Either way, having a designated, permanently installed shelf that’s out of the way and easy to get to will make your time more efficient so that you don’t have rush to do what you need to do.

  • Folded Items – You may have clothes that you prefer to keep folded, or more towels and other linens than you know what to do with. Either way, it helps to have a place to store them.

    If this sounds like you, then you need some freestanding shelving that can create a home for your folded fabrics.

    By leaving enough room to stack several articles at once, you can take advantage of this closet shelf design to maximize the space available to you.

  • Small, Every Day Items – Do you need a place to put things like undergarments and socks?

    If so, then it pays to consider installing drawers inside your closet so that you have some place to put those important items.

    With the right kind of careful planning and installation of enough shelves, you might even be able to forgo the need for a dresser, saving you space in your bedroom while still have the storage solution you need.

These are closet systems for just about every need you could possibly have, and these are just three that are available to you.

It’s important to remember that, when you’re looking to organize your closet, you figure out a way for a new system to fit into an existing closet without making things more cramped.  

Whatever your needs are, though, there’s a closet shelf design out there that can make your life that much easier, and we can help you find it.


Closet Design with Bay Country Painters

As painting and general home improvement specialists, shelf design for your home’s closets is one of the many services we offer to homeowners like you who want to make their homes as comfortable and presentable as possible.

Through the closet system service that we offer, you easily make sure your home is comfortable for your family and ready to accommodate your guests.

Good closet shelf design can make it so that you never struggle to find something when you need it again, but your shelves need to be as unassuming as possible, and we can make that happen.


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We know how important good closet shelf design is to many homeowners, which is why serve homes all over.

So if you’re in Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, or anywhere else in Maryland or Washington DC and you want help making sure your storage needs are all met, then feel free to call us at 410-544-4400 or click here to contact us online.

Once you do, we’ll work with you on closet shelf design that will help make your life easier to and your home more comfortable to live in.



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