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Are you in need of residential painters in Maryland?

If you are looking for a house painting service, you may be wondering how to find local painters that are experienced in all areas of painting a home.

As one of the leading painting services in the Maryland area for over two decades, Bay Country Painters has learned what separates the best painters from the guys just trying to get your money. We would like to share our secrets for finding the most reliable and talented painting services for your home.

Whether you need interior painters or exterior painters, you need to find someone who can provide excellent results for your home’s appearance. So what indicates that a company has superior craftsmanship and professional service?

Keep reading this article to learn how to find a home painter that can meet all of your needs, no matter what type of job you are looking to have done.

Finding the Best Local Painters

When looking for residential painters in Annapolis, Baltimore, and other Maryland-DC areas, there are some general qualities you should look for even before you consider their abilities as exterior or interior painters:

  1. Testimonials and Reviews – What have other people said about this home painting service? Are the reviews of the business positive? It is important to find a painting contractor that has established a good reputation in the local area.
  2. Portfolio – Does the company have a portfolio of previous painting jobs? What types of painting projects have they done? A portfolio can be a good indicator of the versatility a company can provide, whereas the absence of one demonstrates a lack of experience and even credibility.
  3. Certifications or Licensing – Is the home painter certified to perform the services he is offering? Does he have the licensing and permits required by the state to perform these services? Always check credentials to ensure that the contractor is legitimate.

Once you have established the credibility of a house painting service, you can look more deeply at the range of expertise the company offers.

Identifying Quality Home Painters

There is far more to home painting than simply dipping a brush in some paint and spreading it on a surface. Quality residential painters in Annapolis have specialized skills that go well beyond having an eye for aesthetics.

Exterior Painters

Look for the following skills in Annapolis exterior painters:

  • Siding Painting – Home painters should have experience working with many different types of siding, including aluminum and vinyl siding. Knowing how to properly prime and coat many kinds of siding demonstrates versatility and experience in a painting company.
  • Paint Removal – In addition to adding paint, a quality house painting service will be able to safely remove paint from the exterior of your home. This allows you to renovate and repaint the surfaces without causing damage to siding, windows, or other exterior features.

Interior Painters

The best Annapolis interior painters will have the following technical abilities:

  • Drywall Repair – A truly helpful interior painter will also be looking for any damage to your interior surfaces and drywall. If any damage is spotted, an expert painter will be able to perform the drywall installation as an accompanying service to your main painting service.
  • Rotted Wood Repair – Rotted wood can become a huge problem for your home if left untreated. A well-rounded painting contractor can spot these issues in your home and offer repair before the problem gets out of hand.

So where can you find Maryland residential painters that have all the right skills for the job?

Bay Country Painters Are Your Home Painting Experts

To get started with the best residential painters in Annapolis, call Bay Country Painters at 410-544-4400 or contact us online to get an estimate on your home painting project.

Since 1983, Bay Country Painters has been providing expert house painting services to homeowners in Annapolis and across the state of Maryland. Call on us to experience the difference an established, experienced, professional service can make in the beauty, value, and quality of your home.


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