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Residents in Baltimore, Annapolis, Towson, Owings Mills, and countless other cities throughout the Maryland/DC area know their home’s frames are made of wood. But how many of these homeowners know the danger they are in once that wood starts to rot?

Knowing and identifying signs of rot and dealing with them early is the key to making sure a small problem now doesn’t turn into something bigger that could make your home unsafe and drain your bank account.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about rotted wood repair in Maryland and what you can do to guarantee the safety of your home.

Wood Rot: The Causes

The only way to prevent a problem requiring home repair is to understand and avoid the causes of the problem.

The rotting of wooden surfaces in your home can usually be traced back to accumulated moisture.

While wood won’t rot immediately from trace amounts of moisture gathering on its surface, it can lead to a larger issue. Once moisture reaches a certain threshold, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for fungi—or dry rot.

Once the fungi thrives and begins to spread across the surface, measures have to be taken to either repair or replace the affected surface before it fails completely and spreads throughout your home. Wait too long and you’re left with a larger expense than if the issue was caught and treated earlier.

Wood rot can occur outside or inside the home, so make sure you closely examine areas in and around your home for lingering issues.

Where to Look for Wood Rot

When looking for signs of dry rot, it helps to be as thorough and specific as possible in your search. You’ll want to examine your home from top to bottom can cover every space possible.

Those spaces can include:

  • The Attic – If your home has an attic directly under the roof, then a strong storm could lead to roof leaks. These leaks could cause water damage to the wooden rafters that keep your roof up.

    Leaking water, water stains, and soft spots are all signs that your attic could have been exposed to water damage.

    Attics are can also be ideal breeding grounds for mold and fungi growth. The combined damage of water and mold might leave your attic in need of extensive rotted wood repair.

  • Floors – Not all rotten wood is the result of rain. You may have cracked, burst, or damaged pipes beneath your floors that could be rotting your wood structures.

    Look for stains and soft spots on your floors as sign that there is looming water damage. This may be a bit more difficult if you have carpet over the floor. But if the water soaks through your rug, then you know you need immediate help from a Washington DC rotted wood repair service!

  • Basements and Cellars – If you have basement or cellar, then take the time to investigate there as well.

    Because rain water is eventually absorbed into the ground, your home’s basement can be just as vulnerable to rotted wood following a storm as the attic.

    Look for the same signs listed above and you’ll have a better chance of catching and dealing with wood rot.

These are three of the most common problem areas afflicted by wood rot, but there are others.

Above all, you simply want to remain vigilant and make sure that no area goes overlooked.

What You Can Do to Stop Wood Rot

When it comes to rotted wood repair, the process is a very involved one that has to be undertaken with the right tools and materials.

Among other things, wood rot treatment will involve:

  • Chiseling away at rotten wood to get to healthy solid wood that has yet to be afflicted.
  • Mixing and applying a hardening compound that will reinforce the material that’s left.
  • Making sure that compound is applied to all damaged areas so that rot doesn’t eat through the wood later.
  • Painting the compound over so it blends with the rest of the surface.
  • Waterproofing the surface to protect it from future exposure to moisture.

Rotted wood repair can be a time consuming, labor intensive process that is handled best by a professional–especially when it involves structurally significant parts of your home.

Wood Rot Treatment from Bay Country Painters

Rooted Wood Repair in Annapolis Baltimore

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